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Ke'Von and Syber street fighter
Name: Ke'Von. J. McGowan

Age: 18

Height: 6"0"

Hometown: Nashville Tennessee

Fighting style: Black Panther (an unorthodox type of fighting style that is normally found in underground unofficial fights from skilled fighters that are well rounded in fighting)

Powers: Fire and ice

Name: Syber. D. Webb


Height: 6"3"

Hometown: Orlando Florida

Fighting style: Krav Maga (a deadly fighting style for military style for submissions or killing)

Powers: shadow matter and electricity
Tech cuteness
After all the years ive drawn tech he will always be the little cute kid in my art even if he doesn't think so everyone that has ever seen him thinks this
Tech: Dammit I'm not cute!!!...
Older Tech
Tech: hey everyone its me tech i know me and the others have been gone for a while thats kinda me and syders fault as my powers got stronger it got out of control and Syber had turned back to his original color and got what his original power was ment to be and we broke alot of stuff. After some time Ke'Von and Burner got sick of our shit now until we get our powers under control we have to wear inhibitor rings to control it until we get our abilities under wraps.
Flatline drawing
Hello I'm done with my first week of college is almost done when this is posted i think I'm getting better later im going to put up some more characters for my image realm comic
Ask us
Hey everyone it syber here with the others and where putting up a ask page for everyone to ask us there burning questions and it not just us four you also ask:
Grey the tomcat
Chris Waston
Collision Waston
Brittney Clark
Bits Clark
And any new characters that ill add later
Only put your asks here
Syber did not have any power when he was a born until the day.
Years ago when Syber was a small child about 9-10 years old the clothes he normally wore was a red shirt blue cargo jeans with black sneakers he was playing with his little brother burner in the yard of the cabin that sat in a forest not that many people travel through so it was very quiet despite the two brothers wrestling each other
"Ready set go!" Burner exclaimed as him and syber both charge at each other throwing punches and kicks at one another. Burner clothes consited of a wihte shirt with a fire decal on the bottom of his shirt with black shorts and sandles.
"Lunch time boys" was yelled from their mother wearing a red blouse and a black long skirt her hair reaches down her back a shade of grey abit lighter than syber's and her eyes are stunning scarlet red just like burners eyes. Hearing the word " lunch" instantly stopped the boys from them from fighting and they raced to there mother.
There mother walked into the cabin with syber and burner following her to the table with plates with chicken nuggets with fries.
"Thanks mom the boys said at the same time as they hugged her
As the boys started to eat a huge flash happened blinding all three before anyone has time to react there where knocked out
"Uhhg" Syber groaned as he woke
To see a red hedgehog with orange stripes on his spikes "Dad?" Syber said as he tried to get up but he could not move he looked to where his hands where and found that his hands are in shackles held in place by chains nailed to the ground same for his feet "dad whats going on"
His father ignored him as he started to make a strange circle around him
"Dad help me please" syber now scared of what is going on his father starts saying weird chanting and the circle starts glowing and a black mist starts to appear before syber and his father syber's mom finds them in the woods and sees what happening the mist began to turn into what looked like a bat to syber but horns and a longer tail the bat looked over syber and his dad sybers mother hand started to glow and fired a fire ball at her husband knocking him out
"Demon" she said as she run helping syber "leave the boy alone take me and him" pointed towards her husband
The demon thinks for a moment "I excepted to bribe woman but i need to finish my agreement " he said in a scary ominous tone and throws a black ball of energy at syber witch instantly absorbed into him he passed out shortly after the demon picked up his two new servants and disappeared in a huge ball of fire
An hour later syber woke up and began looking for the for his mother
Eventually he got home to find burner looking after their infant brother tech later found out about his powers
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KeVon McGowan
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